The most simple, reliable and collaborative solution
for your assignment process,

skills management on top.

PickYourSkills is the only SaaS solution that allows you to manage the schedules and skills of your teams.

Creation of project teams, dynamic mapping of skills and aspirations, schedule management, reporting and financial monitoring... Find out how to get more projects done and engage your teams.

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Your teams deserve more than an Excel

Optimize your resource scheduling

and the management of your teams skills with PickYourSkills.

10 hours saved for your load plan, assignment, planning

Your HR & Operational processes fully digitized and simplified. 

10h earned / week
by resource manager.

your employees listened to and statisticized through assignment, planning and project management

Motivated teams thanks to a collaborative and transparent solution.

93% of employees are satisfied
with their assignment.

points from assignment earned for your load plan. Better organized and planned teams

The intelligent and automated management of
your processes. 

1 to 3 points increase in the occupancy rate of resources.

pickyourskills project team software

Immediately build the best project teams

The allocation of teams to projects is simplified through a fluid resource request process. You identify the most relevant teams, intelligently optimize workload plans and complete more projects!

assignment check

Centralization of resource requirements.

planned workload

Application validation process.

project management

Matching engine and intelligent profile suggestions.

WIN 10 hours per week
bartle chooses pickyourskills

PAtrick Nicolle

Founding Partner - Bartle

With PickYourSkills, we can connect with our CRM and will eventually be able to replace three tools in order to gain fluidity on assignment and to accompany consultants in their career path at Bartle.

assignment of bartle pickyourskillsBartle trusts PickYourSkills for his assignment

Keep a clear and up-to-date view of the skills and aspirations of your teams

Your teams have the opportunity to showcase their skills and aspirations. Each employee is an actor of his career and committed to all his projects!

scheduling tool

Dynamic mapping of skills and aspirations.

scheduling tool

Performance monitoring and 360° feedback.

project management tool

Individualized proposals for training and mobility.

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EDF pickyourskills collaboration

Laurent Billet

Scientific Director - EDF R&D

We have built a highly personalised and actionable skills repository for highly specialised professions. This allows us to define an ambitious GPEC policy and to support our employees throughout their careers within EDF.

EDF uses PickYourskills
Bartle trusts PickYourSkills for his assignment
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Make the right decisions and anticipate with reliable indicators

All operational and HR data is finally centralized. Make the most of them thanks to powerful reporting, 100% personalised. Anticipate thanks to data!


Real-time resource occupancy rate.

team planning

Monitoring of projects, times and margins.

team planning

GPEC analysis and Strategic Workforce Planning.

EarnR Up to 3 points of assignment
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HRD - Artifact

We have structurally very good assignment rates of around 70% - 80% and this is largely thanks to PickYourSkills. In addition, I save 2 hours a week by no longer notifying each employee by email of new business opportunities since they are accessible to everyone on the platform in real time.

artifact chosen PickYourSkills for its planning tool
Bartle trusts PickYourSkills for his assignment

Setting up

A 100% customized and integrated solution
in 4 weeks

team organization
assignment optimized
load plan and assignment
load and capacity plan

1. Data recovery

Save time and import all your historical data (employee data, projects, skills, training catalogue) into PickYourSkills in Excel or CSV format. If necessary, we offer standard formats to structure all your information.

A good resource allocation process is based on the richness of the data it relies on, so don't start losing it.

your data from assignment are hosted with PickYourSkills RGPD

2. Integration

PickYourSkills can be integrated with your existing tools so that you can retrieve all essential information automatically (employees, sales opportunities, holidays, candidates, etc.). PickYourSkills connects to more than 50 ERP, CRM, HRIS, ATS ... to avoid doubledata entry.

Simply centralize all the data needed for your assignment and competency management processes in strict compliance with the RGPD and in complete security .

reporting assignment

3. Customization

Thanks to 100% customization, PickYourSkills adapts to your own operation and not the other way around. Repository of skills, properties, objects, reports, notifications, rights ... you have control over all the parameters from the administrator console.

Make life easier for your teams and simplify your processes, without disrupting them.

Your load plan in line with your needs for assignment

4. Onboarding

The PickYourSkills teams will support you throughout the technical implementation but also in the training phase for future users. Training materials, question and answer sessions, online support team, everything is put together so that all users become power-users. The quality of the onboarding depends on the optimization of your processes since each user has a role to play on the platform.

We have successfully completed more than 50 projects, let us guide you.

make the right decisions by assignment

5. Results

Immediately visualise the results of your performance and the commitment of your employees via personalised reports.

What to expect as results? (a few examples)
- 4 days of assignment saved per year / employee
- Up to 10 hours / week saved for resource managers
- 30% time saved between a request for assignment and its validation

But also:
- 23% of the choice assignments made on on the platform materialise the positioning wishes expressed by employees
- 25 skills on average / profile including 7 aspirations
- 93% of employees satisfied with the deployment of the platform within their organisation

PickYourSkills planning and load management tools

You already use tools?

We integrate perfectly into your environment
By API or file exchanges, we adapt to everything!